The Creator Catapult Coaching Program


Achieve all your content goals.

β€ŽWhat this program will help you with:

  • Exactly what you need to reach your goals.
    We'll do an in depth, personal channel audit to identify what's working for you and what we could improve on.
  • A plan that actually works.
    We'll create a detailed, step by step plan to to make sure you are moving in the right direction towards the goals that you are excited about.
  • Your time, energy and focus on what matters.
    With your personalized goal plan, we'll make sure you aren't spending your energy, time and focus on the things that won't move the needle. With this program we'll hone in on the enjoyment of content creation and get you the growth that you're after. 
  • All of my expertise at your fingertips.
    Inside this program I'll bring out my entire content creation arsenal and give you my best strategies and tactics - all to ensure your success. 
  • The follow up you need, to see success.
    We’ll provide the accountability and follow up you need, to make sure that you are hitting your goals and not falling off the wagon.
  • An enjoyable and rewarding journey.
    We’ll inspire and continuously motivate you to make sure that this journey is enjoyable, engaging and rewarding every step of the way.
  • Custom made resources to accelerate your growth.
    You'll receive custom made resources to help you accelerate your growth and reach all your goals.
  • A growth chart that shows your progress.
    We’ll create a custom, personalized growth chart, where you can see your progress and development happen in real time.
  • My top priority service.
    This is my highest priority service and when you jump in you'll get unlimited access to me whenever you want,  through a private message board.
  • Monthly calls or a custom plan.
    This program comes with one deep dive coaching call per month, or we'll create a custom call plan to fit your specific needs.
  • A package to suit your needs.
    This service starts at $495 per call and can be packaged according to your specific needs.





The Creator Achievement Guarantee 

If by the end of this program, you feel you haven’t reached the goal we set out to achieve together,
we’ll give you all your money back.